28 July 2014 @ 05:23 pm
Random excessively long media post! Probably should have actually posted all the other things i've written this year but my reactions are so stale by the time i form them into words so WHO CARES!

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Tangentially related via dudes who've been on Boardwalk Empire: I'm so shocked and excited about Charlie Cox getting cast as Daredevil but at the same time i'm like UGH NOW I HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THIS NEW DAREDEVIL SERIES?!?!??!? Like oh great now i gotta be responsible for this water bottle. It's exactly like when Jennifer Garner played Elektra (in the first Daredevil movie -- i didn't give a shit by the time the Elektra movie rolled around), which was so terrible but i loved her SO MUCH because of Alias and so i got into Daredevil for a while all because of that. All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. Except maybe this Daredevil won't be awful??? One can only hope. But goddddd American accent and perpetual sunglasses and a dumb red suit, this is my nightmare. But i'm praying for Stardust-swordfight-level action scenes. And omg Rosario Dawson and Deborah Ann Woll omgfdhflg I'M GONNA DIE

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Hey, i still watch stuff and talk to myself about it!

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I haven't cared about the X-Men movies since X2 (i saw X3 MULTIPLE times in the theater and i didn't even like it the first time! AWFUL. So many people liked First Class but once i finally saw it i didn't think it was very good. I still haven't seen The Wolverine but the first Wolverine movie broke my spirit so i dunno if i can do that again.) but the Days of Future Past trailer is awesome. Major nostalgic pangs seeing the other non-Wolverine characters again. ;_____; Bobby is boring but Shawn Ashmore is still so cute. ;_____; Although i'm calling bullshit that they're bringing Rogue back but NOT GAMBIT???!?!?! WILL THERE NEVER BE GAMBIT/ROGUE ON THE BIG SCREEN?!?!?!!!? I'M GONNA BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND

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22 April 2013 @ 11:51 pm
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The latest episode of Doctor Who was the first time i have really super enjoyed an episode of that show in what seems like forever. Ghost stories as time travel stories!!!! The style of it was perfect. The preview for next week has also got me pretty excited because holy shit i have been wanting to see other rooms on the TARDIS for such a long time.